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Pro Aligners

Our aligner trays use leading Zendura® FLX technology to provide a more resilient solution. Providing better, safer tooth movement.

    •  Providing a better tooth movement mechanism ensures optimum results, whilst protecting your underlying bone structure’s health


    •  OdourBlock™ materials in our aligners stop bad breath, a common issue of other clear aligner systems


    •  Dental attachments fitted to your teeth help to pull your teeth gradually, only available with dentist-based services


    •  Scallop contoured tray architecture ensures no harm to your gums and teeth, avoiding bleeding and bruising

Pro Whitening

    • The peroxide whitening that a dentist can offer is 100 times stronger than what you’d find in a cheap, online DIY whitening kit.


    • The gel used to whiten your teeth also by law has to undergo a rigorous testing process, before being able to administer it to the client, to ensure no harm to your teeth can occur.


    • Smile White is one of very few approved whitening systems used by leading cosmetic dentists across the UK to give you a 3 year guaranteed brighter smile, done right, with professional grade Ingredients.

Daily Care

We’ve created a full range of products in our lab with dentists to help you get your perfect smile.

    • Gentle care toothpaste
    • Depper whitening toothepaste
    • Flossy – Water flosser for teeth