Deciding between a private and a public dentist to see while seeking dental care can be challenging. Private dentists work for dental chains or reputable dental clinics like Dorset Dental Practice. Dorset Dental Practice is a well-known dental clinic in London with highly experienced private dentists to provide you with a complete range of dental treatments at an affordable price.

Our team of exceptionally certified dentists can assist you in ending your discomfort and getting back to your regular schedule. To guarantee that the dental treatment is created according to your specifications, we employ top-notch dental materials and skilled professionals.

Why Visit a Private Dentist at Dorset Dental Practice:

When it comes to dental treatment, the key issue is: Is seeing a private dentist worthwhile? Indeed. Private dentists provide more aesthetic treatments to their patients. When it comes to treatments, private dentists emphasize functionality as much as aesthetics. This gives you more alternatives for managing both any potential physical discomfort and the aesthetic aspects of your smile. 

Additionally, regular checkups and oral health care help prevent major dental problems from developing that could need costly treatment. Dorset Place Dental Practice has a team of skilled private dentists in East London who are committed to providing the best treatment and guidance for those who seek to maintain and manage their dental health.

A variety of dental services are also offered by Dorset Palace Dental Practice. Therefore, our clients come from all across East London, including Stratford, East Ham, Whitechapel, Poplar, and Canary Wharf, as well as Bromley-by-Bow, Forest Gate, Hackney, Plaistow, and Wanstead.

For further information and to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 079 6000 3839 or email at We would be happy to help you with any inquiries you may have.